Our History

The Barbershop was merely an idea as Tony Cianchino decided to come to Canada and start a new life. As many immigrants in those days thought, a new country often meant success and opportunity however this thought could no longer be farther from the truth as he opened the Salon de Coiffure pour Homme Centre D’achats Viau (Montreal Barbershop) on February 1st, 1971.Fast forward 40 years later and the Barbershop has turned into one of the most well-known and well-respected hairdressing salons in all of Montreal, particularly in St-Leonard, Quebec where the thought materalized.

People travel from all over for a haircut. Even celebrities have taken a liking to the Barbershop, most noticeably athletes and politicians.

The Montreal Barbershop team consists of Tony, Gino, Anna and Sam, 4 highly professional, experienced and skilled individuals. The Barbershop caters to all sorts of style and fashion from classic to modern day cuts. Whether you are attending a boys night out or a wedding, Tony, Gino, Anna and Sam are always prepared for any occasion.

You can make early morning appointments using the eBooking link or by placing a simple phone call.

– The Montreal Barbershop Team